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Video Booths

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A place to leave your thoughts

With no buttons to press, simply walk up to the booth, see yourself on screen, and leave a message

Six hours of continuous recording, professionally edited to create an entertaining alternative guest book

Easy to use

No buttons to press - the booth records continuously ensuring no footage is lost 

Live screen

The footage is shown on the free-standing booth's screen, showing guests they are being recorded


The final edited footage can be supplied as MP4 file or on Vimeo 


Request our wide range of props for no extra cost


Choose from an open freestanding booth or a more private walk-in version


Our standard 6 hours is the ideal time for a wedding or evening party


The Walk-In Booth

An enclosed, traditional-style booth with a seat for two (or three).

Perfect for more private messages or fun with friends.


The Freestanding Booth

An open booth where guests can walk straight up and record a message.

Great for big groups or showing off your dance moves.

Highlights Reel


The best of your non-verbal footage edited to fit one song.

Please note that the Highlights Reel comes as an additional service and cannot be booked on its own.


Free-standing Video Booth | £600

Walk-in Video Booth | £750

Additional services:

Highlights Reel | £200

(The best of your non-verbal footage edited to fit one song)

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